Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things I am Grateful For

This list may seem somewhat puzzling to some. However, as of today, these are some things I am grateful for.
1) Snowboarding -- It helps me escape from Provo every once in a while which helps my sanity.
2) Computers that work.
3) BYU -- Last semester this wouldn't have made the list. True story. I am grateful for BYU because I have learned that I don't have to hide who I am in a politically and socially suffocating environment. I have come to the point that I can proudly say, "I am a Democrat because of my religion, not in spite of it," and truly mean it. Thanks BYU.
4) Temples -- The Provo Temple has become a place of refuge and hope. The Kansas City Temple is coming along beautifully.
5) Senator Ben McAdams -- A freshman senator in the Utah Legislator who is both a Mormon and a Democrat AND lives both. See? They aren't mutually exclusive.
6) Music -- It's my escape.
7) Sociology 300 TAs -- They help me understand SPSS.
8) Sociology -- It never ceases to amaze and perplex me. People are interesting creatures.
9) Independence, Missouri -- The greatest place on earth.
10) The Serenity Prayer -- Because sometimes, a lot of times, I need courage to change the things I can.