Saturday, February 12, 2011

What to Do?

So, I'm trying to decide about internships for next year. Quite possibly, this could be the hardest decision I've had to make in a while. There are two really great opportunities here at BYU that I am trying to decide between. One is in Washington DC and the other is in Romania. Both seem like incredible opportunities and I hate trying to make this decision.
I am torn between the two. I feel like Romania satisfies a desire to be beneficial in the world and DC satisfies my political obsession. I think it's like trying to decide between mint chip ice cream and double chocolate fudge. I think this would be more beneficial to my career goals, but also that DC could potentially turn into countless networking opportunities.
My greatest fear is that I'm under-qualified for either internship. I feel like these experiences are things Heavenly Father would want me to have. I don't know what to do. Romania or DC? That is the question. What do I gain from Romania? What can I gain in DC? What are the potential life consequences here? I hate trying to make decisions where both options are good. It makes my life hard. What should I do?